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„There she paused for a while thinking… but the temptation was so great that she could not conquer it.“ –Charles Perrault

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Me again, your beloved author with another Interactive Story for you. Aren’t you excited?! 😉
So again, the same game, you choose the option you like best at the end of the page.
Have fun.

Yours truly,

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Message from the author, namely me:
I’m trying something new here, so like a Beta-Modus, since I have no idea if it’s working for a blog as good as in printed form.
Written for my „Interactive Storytelling“- Classes (with the setting of the Spanish Inquisition) this is an Interactive Story, where you choose how it’s going on. Which means, that you don’t read from page 1 to 5, but just klick on the link, with the decision you think works best.
Hope you have fun reading it.
With love,

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Our heroine, let’s call her Susan, was sitting at home, stuffing crisps into her, watching a stupid, braindamaging TV show on MTV, while wishing to be like those half naked women making out with simpleminded men. Why she wanted that? Well, you see, Susan wasn’t exactly slim, or just chubby, she was fat.
Oh and while we are on the subject, Susan was by no means beautiful, with her to often black-dyed hair hanging greesily into her face like a mop, the pimpled cheeks hidden under a thick layer of  not matching make up, that was already flaking and leaving stains on her shirt, doing so in hopes of blending in. So why am I telling you all that?
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Get the hint!

Dead people are talking to me. Right now, an old lady tells me about her dead poodle. He was the reason she died in the first place. I try to ignore her, concentrating on my work, which doesn’t seem to get finished. She doesn’t get the hint. Grinding my teeth, I leave the house. Luckily, she cannot follow me.
Stepping on the street, I wonder how this ghost-hearing could stop.
Hear honking and surprised I turn around.
The last thing I see is the lady standing on the other side of the street, shrugging.
And finally I understand.

Copyright 2011- Regina B.

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